Fetch is something you have to train them to do and this toy makes learning fetch fun same with the ball LAUNCHERS…>. I personally like Fortiflora or Vetri Probiotic BD – these can also be used as a daily supplement. Mighty Paw Rope Dog Leash, Premium Climbers Rope, 6 Foot Long with Reflective Stitching, Climbers Carabiner Clip, Hands Free Leash (nice for jogging and even basic umbilical style puppy training around the House). This is not an abused Doodle off the street… just a regular and I’m sure very loved Doodle who probably just wasn’t combed properly for the past few months. For Dreamydoodle Standard Aussiedoodles – I recommend buying the 36 inch size crate. Puppies love to cuddle up with a super soft blanket and I purchased these on Amazon and they were a hit. Andis Steel Grooming Comb – I call this my “seek and destroy” tool, I glide through their coat with the long pinned Andis comb to find any hidden mats. There are single door options and a double door options.